Купить Byrne: ?psychosomatic? Medicine – New Facts & Old Controversies (pr Only)

Byrne: ?psychosomatic? Medicine – New Facts & Old Controversies (pr Only)

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Byrne: Software Design Techniques For Large Ada Systems

4647 Руб.

Julie Byrne Barcelona

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Namor Visionaries by John Byrne - Volume 2

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Другие Byrne

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Julie Byrne Madrid

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Donn Byrne: Five One-Act Plays: Level 3 (+ CD)

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Дэвид Бирн,St. Vincent David Byrne & St. Vincent. Love This Giant

1849 Руб.

Fantastic Four by John Byrne Omnibus. Volume 2

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Latham-Koenig, Christina , Oxenden, Clive , Byrne, Tracy New Eenglish File: Intermediate: Workbook with Key and MultiROM Pack

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Marvel Masters: The Art Of John Byrne

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Sensational She-Hulk by John Byrne: The Return

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Eneda Tarifa,Iveta Mukuchyan,Zoe,Dami Im,Samra,Laura Tesoro,Poli Genova,The Minus One,Gabriela Guncikova,Джейми Ли Смит,Nicky Byrne,Hovi Star,Greta Salome,Francesca Michielin,Donny Montell,Justs,Lidia Isac,Ира Лоско,Douwe Bob,Michab Szpak Eurovision. Song Contest. Stockholm 2016 (2 CD)

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Barbara Hannay Sisemaa südames

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The Inside Job

950 Руб.

The Set-up

706 Руб.

The Killing Room

1003 Руб.

The Killing Room

1003 Руб.

The Poetry of Ted Hughes

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The Poetry of Ted Hughes

1900 Руб.

The Real Jane Austen: A Life in Small Things

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Wonder Girl: Adventures of a Teen Titan

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Chestnut Street

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Treading on Dreams: Stories from Ireland: Stage 5

599 Руб.

Star Trek: New Visions: Volume 4

1129 Руб.

The Echo Man

772 Руб.

The Rosary Girls

580 Руб.

The Echo Man

540 Руб.

The Echo Man

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Juxtapoz Tattoo 2

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Tightening the Threads

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Your Song Changed My Life

1997 Руб.

Your Song Changed My Life

1428 Руб.

New Developments in International Commercial and Consumer Law

21295 Руб.

Humour, art and society

4631 Руб.

Treading on Dreams: Stories from Ireland (+ 3 CD-ROM)

839 Руб.


1680 Руб.

This Book Is Out Of Control

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Just Joe: My Autobiography

1829 Руб.


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The Genius of Jane Austen

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Joint Ventures in English and German Law

15878 Руб.

Business between England and Germany has flourished in recent years and looks set to continue to develop in coming years. This collection examines the legal framework of joint ventures between English and German companies. It addresses the laws in these two countries and draws helpful comparisons between the two. The contributions point out pitfalls that lawyers who are not familiar with both German and English law are likely to overlook and which may cause major problems when joint venture companies are established. This book consists of four parts. Each of these has been written by a team of leading German and English lawyers. The authors are specialists in this field and the contributions are rich with their practical insights. The studies were presented at the 1999 Anglo-German Law Conference in Oxford,organised under the auspices of the Oxford Law Faculty, with the support of three leading English and German Law firms. The first part deals with the formation of a joint venture company. It discusses the types of companies which are usually used to establish joint ventures as well as the rights and obligations of members. It also addresses the law and legal practice relating to memoranda of understanding, warranties and indemnities, joint venture agreements, and the valuation of contributions. The second part concerns the management of joint venture companies. It analyses how shareholders can influence management decisions, the rights and obligations of directors and parent companies, as well as the legal position of minority shareholders. This part also describes the relevant laws protecting employees. The third part addresses European Union as well as English and German competition law. It considers the circumstances which trigger merger control mechanisms and presents two illuminating case studies. The last part deals with the termination of joint ventures. It presents and analyses several popular termination clauses including Russian Roulette, pre-emption rights, and rights of first refusal. This collection will be indispensable to practising lawyers and in-house counsel whose practice touches on Anglo-German business affairs. It will also be of real interest to legal academics concerned with European commercial or comparative law. Contents I. Some Comparisons Between Common Law and Civil Law by Gerhard Dannemann II. Structuring the Joing Venture by Ian Hewitt and Prof Dr Gerhard Picot III. Protecting the Various Interests in the Joint Venture by David Kershaw and Dr Wolfgang Witz IV. Joint Ventures Under EU and National Competition Laws by Jochen Burrichter, Rod Carlton, Dr Thorsten Mager and Alison Byrne V. Termination of the Joint Venture by George Goulding, Dr Hans-Jurgenn Hellwig, Tim Boxell and Bonnie Costelloe

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